From dark and brooding to light hearted and warm, I love to explore new ways of expressing myself through music.


Edge of Combat

Composing music for games requires a deep understanding of the player experience, but also the development process. Coming from a gaming background and having worked as an Audio Director at a game studio for many years, I understand both perspectives. The user experience will always determine the quality of the product.

The music should create value and immersion, so each game has a unique set of needs.


Shadow Arcade 2

Falconshield was my own initiative to create a unique blend between games and music. Back in 2010 when I started, it was a rather unknown phenomenon, but the scene has virtually exploded in the last years. Together with some amazingly talented individuals from the community, I’ve put together some truly awesome tracks. Don’t take my word for it ~ check them out for yourself ­čśë

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War Machine

I love to tell a story. Be it with instruments or lyrics, it’s just different means to the same end. Sometimes the context and story demands a specific genre or style, and I let the music go wherever the story takes me.



Metal was my first love. It was initially the technical aspect of skilled musicians as well as the raw energy output that gripped me as a kid. There’s just nothing like a well produced, hard hitting rock track. It hits you in all the right places!



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